Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Soylent Experiment : Day 1

So this morning, I pulled the shaker of Soylent out of the fridge.  I mixed it up last night per instructions.

I was a bit disappointed with it off the get go.  The water and powder had separated overnight.  The mixture was beige, and having separated overnight, it didn't look appetizing.

But I did as the website said and shook it up vigorously.  It turned into a smooth beige mix. Sometimes the community refers to it as a slurry.  To me, it didn't look much different from any of the other dozens of protein or meal replacement shakes I've tried in the past.

So I poured myself a tall glass of chilled Soylent and took a sip.  My first impression of Soylent is that it tastes like just about every other meal replacement shake out there.  It's mildly vanilla.  It smells a little like a protein drink and a little like toasted oat ring cereal.  Not at all unpleasant, really.  They have gone to great lengths to make it pretty flavor neutral, and it is.

The texture got me a little bit.  It was a little gritty and chalky in consistency.  I see many similar complaints on the online forums.  But it wasn't too bad.  Also, compared to other protein powders and similar stuff, it was gritty, but usually I use milk or soy milk with those.

Another thing that was a bit surprising is that it doesn't look like you have enough to eat for a day. The pitcher isn't very large.  I poured a full glass, and it was maybe 1/8 the pitcher.  Given the pitcher is 2000 calories, that was about a 250 cal glass.  So a decent breakfast snack.

On the second time I tried blending it with ice, thinking I'd end up with a Soyleccino, or a Soygarita. I added too much ice, however, and it came out so thick, I basically had Soylent sorbet to eat with a spoon.  That was good too.

The rest of the day passed without incident.  I was never really hungry, and I took my son out for a 5k walk/run and don't really feel anything other than normal.

Day 1 in the bank.  Time to mix up food for Day 2.

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