Thursday, May 14, 2015


I was having a few problems with my Lenovo Yoga 2 the other day.  For some reason it was really dogging, and I was getting close to chucking it all and reinstalling, but then I came across this article, which, while it's advice for a much older machine, I thought that I'd try out what it had to say.

Well, I'd heard of perfmon, but I really never checked into how to use it.  This article suggests running

perfmon /rel

from the start menu or a command prompt.  After you do that, it will collect up data from the past few weeks and present it in a graph form.  Mine looked like:

That's really cool!  So you have a day-by-day look at what your system has been doing, and where it's been failing.  Clicking each of the red x icons gives you a look at what failed on that particular day. The blue information icons tended to be system or application updates.  You can see application crashes and other things that may be affecting your system. 


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  1. I have used Perfmon most of my career, though have never known of this option. It is a nice multi-day view of what is going on. No results come up on servers though, so I may need to take a little time digging in on what it is doing. Thanks for the post Kevin!