Sunday, February 9, 2014

Shopping in China - Part 8 - What We Bought

Holy Hannah!  I know I thought a lot about shopping in China.  Eight posts?  Did we do anything else while we were there?  Oh hell, yes, but I found myself so fascinated by the whole shopping thing that I wanted to share it all with you.

Ok, so I talked a lot about what was available.  But what did I actually buy?  Too much.  Here's the list. Mona?  Did I forget anything?  Leave a comment below.
  • Lasers (green and purple)
  • Poopoo pillows
  • Beats earbuds
  • Personalized jade stamps for the kids
  • Custom tailored suit and shirt
  • Megaphone kit
  • Family ball Jade statue
  • Chairman Mao's little red book
  • Souvenir book with photo from Tien an men Square
  • Dragon Well tea.  What looks to be an infinite supply.
  • Power brick for charging phones mid day.
  • A piece of a custom plate that had my caricature on it.
  • Sweet bamboo hero plaque from the Great Wall adventure
  • Great wall T-Shirt size XXXL
  • Leather jacket size XXXXL
  • Hao snacks for the kids
  • Little bottles of Erguotou
  • Spirograph toys for the kids
Nicole bought
  • A set of fake watches for her and her dad
  • Silk scarves for her and for gifts for very specific folks.
  • Simple pearl jewelry
  • Pearl infused skin cream
  • New luggage to hold all the stuff her crazy husband bought
  • Butt pillows (I think they're called seat cushions, but butt pillows sounds better) for the flight home.
I think that's our swag inventory from the trip.  I'm sure I'll get corrected in the comments if I'm wrong.


  1. You forgot the crazy silk bags! :)

    1. Oh yea, and was there chopsticks in those bags?

  2. Oh and I love how you put the suitcase in "my" pile. LOL