Monday, May 5, 2014

Upgrade to the Walking Desk

So I have been using the walking desk for a few hours every few days.  I noticed that one big issue was that I was looking down at the monitor, even with the riser on the walking treadmill desk.  That was definitely a strain on my neck.  But any higher, and I wouldn't be able to type.

Solution? I need a monitor in front of me.  One I can look at without looking down.  As a touch typist, this isn't a big deal, and would be really handy.

How do you do that, though?  A laptop monitor is connected to the laptop.  Aha, I thought, I'll hang a TV from the ceiling!

So I picked up a new TV for the loft (the current one was a bit too small for the space), and appropriated that 32" set as a new monitor.  Then I picked up a ceiling mount for the TV on Amazon and put it up.

I also moved the treadmill to a different corner of the basement.  Here it is in all its glory:

The invisible man walks again!
My full setup for when I'm working.  Chat window on the left laptop, and active windows on the Yoga and the TV.  Coffee or water on the ledge to the right, remote on the ledge to the left.
Set productivity to 9999!
It works remarkably well.  Time to get back on it!

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